Superfan pays tribute to Neil Peart by drumming every single Rush song
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  • Post published:10/01/2022
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Superfan pays tribute to Neil Peart by drumming every single Rush song


    In a tribute to Rush’s Neil Peart, drummer Brandon Toews has shared a video in which he drums along to every song ever released by the famed prog-rock band. Toews, who is a huge fan of Rush, rehearsed religiously for several weeks in order to capture the video in one take, which features just a couple of seconds of the 175 songs Rush released between 1968 and 2012.

    Toews’ video begins with a quick rundown of Rush’s 1974 self-titled album and then sees the drummer work through the band’s entire discography, ending with tracks from the 2012 album Clockwork Angels.

    The video tribute was shared to coincide with the anniversary of Peart’s death. The Rush drummer died back in 2020 after a battle with Brain Cancer. In the video description, Toews writes: “It’s hard to imagine that the world lost Neil Peart two years ago. We’re grateful that his legacy will live on through his incredible work with Rush. So today – in the span of just 25 minutes – you’re going to hear the best parts of every single Rush song ever.”

    Neil Peart formally announced his retirement in 2015, sparking much talk of the band’s ability to continue without him. Shortly after, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters was asked if he would be willing to replace Peart if Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson asked him to join the band on tour: “I’d say ‘I’m not physically or musically capable, but thanks for the offer,” he replied. “Neil Peart, that’s a whole other animal, another species of drummer.”

    In 2020, Lee, Lifeson, and Peart’s wife Carrie Nuttall opened up about Peart’s decision to keep his cancer battle private. He just wanted to be in control of it,” Lifeson said. “The last thing in the world he would want is people sitting on his sidewalk or driveway singing ‘Closer To The Heart’ or something. That was a great fear of his. He didn’t want that attention at all.”

    Expanding on Peart’s decision, Lee said: “He didn’t want to waste his remaining time talking about shit like that,” Lee added. “He wanted to have fun with us. And he wanted to talk about real things right up to the very end.”

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