The Cribs share new song ‘Swinging at Shadows’
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  • Post published:17/08/2021
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(Credit: The Cribs / Press)

The Cribs share new song ‘Swinging at Shadows’

    The Cribs – ‘Swinging at Shadows’

    The Cribs have announced details for their latest project Sonic Blew Singles Club, which will see the band release a new single once a month until the end of 2021.

    The first of those singles, ‘Swinging At Shadows’, has been released today. The track is a funky, dance-influenced indie rock track that is classic Cribs: catchy melodies, crashing drums, and an utterly gigantic sound. It’s another winner in a catalogue full of great jams.

    “‘Swinging At Shadows’ was recorded in LA during the Night Network sessions, and was earmarked as an early single from that album – but in the end, we decided to hold it back,” Gary Jarman notes. “It seemed like an obvious choice for the first single from the Singles Club as it’s a big summery pop song – super fun and upbeat, with some throwback ‘woah-oh’s’ in the chorus…”

    Honest question: do The Cribs ever take a break? Just last year came the eighth LP Night Network, which tied the record for longest gap between Cribs releases at three years. Other than the legal wrangling to regain control of their back catalogue at the tail end of the 2010s, the band haven’t rested for a single minute. Even as COVID has curtailed their touring ability, the band are still putting out videos and covers to social media, and are evidently still working in the studio.

    “Basically, after three years away from the road, we just ended up with SO many songs built up in the vaults that we wanted to try doing something different and interesting with them!” Gary continues. 

    “We had a bunch of extra tracks from the Night Network sessions, which we finished and mixed over lockdown…and then the extra downtime led to us coming up with several new songs also. Of course, we could have just put them all to one side and held them back for a new album or whatever, but that doesn’t seem like much fun…”

    Check out the visualiser for ‘Swinging at Shadows’ down below.


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