The Cure bassist Simon Gallup has left the band: “I’m fed up of betrayal”
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The Cure bassist Simon Gallup has left the band: “I’m fed up of betrayal”

    Simon Gallup, the iconic bass player of The Cure, has suggested has revealed his decision to quit the band.

    Gallup, who has been a mainstay in the group since replacing Michael Dempsey in 1979, has been a vital creative force alongside frontman Robert Smith for decades. One of the longest members, Smith commented in 2019 that if Gallup were to ever walk away the band “wouldn’t be called the Cure”.

    Now, tragically, it would appear that the band have reached that point as Gallup took to social media to reveal his departure from The Cure: “With a slightly heavy heart I am no longer a member of the Cure!” he wrote in a public post on his personal Facebook. “Good luck to them all,” he added.

    While Gallup chose not to reveal his reasoning, when quizzed on the situation by a friend, he replied: “I’m ok Vicky…just got fed up of betrayal.”

    Gallup, who first left The Cure in 1982 following a fistfight with Robert Smith, has suffered from an emotionally tense relationship with his bandmate for decades. However, after returning to the group in 1984, it was thought that the pair had put their personal issues behind them.

    In a past interview with NME, Smith has explained how crucial Gallup is to the dynamic of the Cure: “For me, the heart of the live band has always been Simon, and he’s always been my best friend,” Smith said. “It’s weird that over the years and the decades he’s often been overlooked. He doesn’t do interviews, he isn’t really out there and he doesn’t play the role of a foil to me in public, and yet he’s absolutely vital to what we do.

    “We’ve had some difficult periods over the years but we’ve managed to maintain a very strong friendship that grew out of that shared experience from when we were teens. When you have friends like that, particularly for that long, it would take something really extraordinary for that friendship to break.

    He added: “You’ve done so much together, you’ve so much shared experience, you just don’t want to lose friends like that.”

    The band are yet to release and official statement.


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