The Goon Sax share new single ‘Psychic’
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(Credit: The Goon Sax)

The Goon Sax share new single ‘Psychic’

    The Goon Sax – ‘Psychic’

    Australian indie-pop trio The Goon Sax have shared the latest taste of their upcoming third studio album, Mirrors II, with the new single ‘Psychic’.

    I swear this song sounds incredibly close to Cutting Crew’s unkillable ’80s smash ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’. Whether you agree with the comparison or not, the track radiates with the same bouncy energy, razor-sharp melodies, and distorted guitar lines that *ahem* cut through the mix. It’s a catchy, superbly produced and performed pop song that has the uncanny ability to float in your head well after the last notes fade away.

    “’Psychic’ exists in the fragile intersection of fantasy and reality,” says band member Louis Forester. “A supernatural world you escape into until you feel realities grip on your collar. But as you’re dragged back to linear time, and supposed objectivity the supernatural reinstates it’s claim to a more powerful truth. Eventually the friction between these worlds causes you to question your faith in both, wondering to what degree truth can be chosen and what forces from both are too strong for you to stand in their way. Much like In The Stone this song is a conversation, two peoples truths of the search for this very thing.”

    The band have also announced a number of new UK tour dates for September, including stops at the MOTH Club in London and the Pink Room in Manchester. The band will also be playing at the End of the Road Festival in Salisbury at the start of the month.

    ‘Psychic’ is the second preview of Mirror II after previously released single ‘In The Stone’. The latter track featured some more bare bones indie rock energy, with band members trading vocals as the song struts and sways. ‘Psychic’ definitely has a more pop flavor to it, but it only proves the band’s versatility and ability to maneuver different sounds and genres. The Goon Sax are certainly a band that you should be paying attention to. You’ll only have yourself to blame if you miss out on their rise.

    Check out the official video for ‘Psychic’, plus The Goon Sax’s upcoming U.K. tour dates, down below. Mirror II will be released on July 9.

    The Goon Sax September 2021 UK tour dates:

    • 1/9- Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
    • 2-5/9- End of the Road Festival
    • 6/9 – MOTH Club, London
    • 7/9 – Pink Room, YES, Manchester
    • 8/9 – Mono, Glasgow


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