The Linda Lindas share brand new song ‘Oh!’
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  • Post published:25/07/2021
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(Credit: The Linda Lindas)

The Linda Lindas share brand new song ‘Oh!’

    American teenaged punk sensation The Linda Lindas have dropped a brand new song, ‘Oh!’.

    Bursting with the same riot grrrl energy that helped the band get famous in the first place, ‘Oh!’ focuses on the kinds of mental and emotional gymnastics that any teenager, or adult for that matter, can relate to. “Oh when I say something/Nobody backs me up (oh!)/When I try by myself/I mess it up (oh!)/Oh when they say something/You always suck it up (oh!)/And when I try to help/It never is enough”. Yes, it is absolutely necessary to include all of those parenthetical “oh’s”. 

    “‘Oh!’ is one of the first songs we collaborated on during the pandemic, masked and distanced on the front porch,” the band explain in a statement. “It started with the main riff and progression Bela brought to the band. Eloise wrote the verses and Lucia and Mila wrote the choruses. The song deals with trying to help out someone and having it blow up in your face.” 

    The whirlwind that has come and swept up The Linda Lindas has been swift and delightful to witness. After performing a pair of songs, ‘Racist, Sexist Boy’ and ‘TEENtastic Tuesday’ at the Los Angeles Public Library, the band of actual children was signed to legendary punk label Epitaph Records, performed on late-night television, and now have their brand new single featured in the trailer for the upcoming Netflix show The Chair. Just a reminder: the oldest band member is 16 and drummer Mila de la Garza is just ten years old. 

    ‘Oh!’ also comes with a vibrant new music video that finds the band at a photoshoot. There’s a prevailingly goofy excitement in how the band interacts with each other and kick out their bubblegum punk jams. In a nice little touch of feminist synergy, guitarist Lucia de la Garza wields a St. Vincent signature Music Man axe throughout the video.

    Check out the video for ‘Oh!’ down below.


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