The Rolling Stones join call for better streaming revenues for artists
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  • Post published:07/06/2021
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The Rolling Stones join call for better streaming revenues for artists

    The #BrokenRecord campaign is picking up some serious steam as it gathers up The Rolling Stones and their support for paying artists a fairer share of revenue when it comes to streaming.

    The campaign was launched by Tom Gray back in April and has already seen some high profile figures in the world of music put their name to the cause. Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Blur’s Damon Albarn, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Oasis’ Noel Gallagher and Wolf Alice all signed an open letter to Boris Johnson, which demanded the Prime Minister do something about the inequality of streaming platforms.

    The first letter was largely brushed off by the government, only receiving a reply from a junior minister. Now, the campaign has drafted in the big guns with Tom Jones, the estate of Joe Strummer, as well as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood.

    As NME notes, the list of artists campaigning for Boris Johnson to effect some change in the industry now includes four of the eight artists he selected as his Desert Island Discs when he appeared on the show in 2005. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and The Clash have added their name to the bill.

    “For too long, streaming platforms, record labels and other internet giants have exploited performers and creators without rewarding them fairly,” the letter reads. “We must put the value of music back where it belongs — in the hands of music makers.”

    “By addressing these problems,” continues the letter, “We will make the UK the best place in the world to be a musician, producer or a songwriter, allow recording studios and the UK session scene to thrive once again, strengthen our world leading cultural sector, allow the market for recorded music to flourish for listeners and creators, and unearth a new generation of talent.

    “We urge you to take these suggestions forward and ensure the music industry is part of your levelling- up agenda as we kickstart the post-Covid economic recovery.”

    Of course, given the government’s penchant for telling porkies, there’s not a great deal of hope that Johnson’s cabinet will move to help out the industry, but the need to continue to spread the message of streaming inequality is clear.


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