The ‘Seinfeld’ soundtrack has finally been released
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The ‘Seinfeld’ soundtrack has finally been released

    It’s been a long time coming, but more than 23 years after the final episode of Seinfeld aired, a 33-track collection of music from the classic sitcom, composed by Jonathan Wolff is finally released via WaterTower Music.

    The brand new album marks the very first time that any of the music for Seinfeld has been made available, outside of its original television context. As Wolff notes, “It was 30 years in the making,” confessing that he wasn’t sure why an album of its kind wasn’t released before. 

    “It struggled for the first few seasons,” Wolff commented, “We were an accidental hit. We were busy getting episodes out, and nobody was thinking about the music. And that’s OK”. Though being able to look back at all the music from the nine seasons of the show, Wolff had 180 episodes to choose from and had the context of 23 years of the show’s influence to help him decide. 

    Wolff explains how he came up with the content of the album, noting his process of choice, “Was it the primary audio of a famous ‘Seinfeld’ scene? Did it contribute in a significant way to the comedy of the scene? And upon hearing it, will it serve as an instantly identifiable signature and bring warm fuzzies to a ‘Seinfeld’ fan who will remember that scene?”. 

    Most of the music from the original sitcom was created by Jonathan Wolff in his Burbank studio, where he has scored an estimated 75 series over two decades of work. With Jerry Seinfeld unhappy about the quality of the original music in the 1989 pilot, his friend, comedian George Wallace, recommended Wolff and the rest is television history. 

    You can listen to the 33-track collection of music composed by Wolff on all major streaming platforms from July 2. Listen to the album, below.


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