The Sherlocks release new single ‘Games You Play’
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  • Post published:08/01/2022
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(Credit: The Sherlocks)


The Sherlocks release new single ‘Games You Play’


    The Sherlocks – ‘Games You Play’

    British alt-rockers The Sherlocks have returned with a new single, ‘Games You Play’, from their upcoming third studio album World I Understand.

    World I Understand is the first Sherlocks album with their new lineup. Back in 2020, brothers Josh and Andy Davidson decided to abdicate their positions on guitar and bass. That left the other pair of brothers, singer Kiaran Crook and drummer Brandon Crook, to ponder the future and eventually recruit new musicians.

    “Finding new band members was something we were admittedly apprehensive about,” Kiaran Crook explains in a press release. “On top of that we knew all our gigs were cancelled for the foreseeable. To be honest with you, I think many others would have thrown in the towel and just said, ‘Let’s look back on the fond memories we’d made while it lasted’. But for us it wasn’t even a question of whether we’d carry on, it was more a question of how long it would take to get back to where we were.”

    The band quickly recruited guitarist Alex Proctor and bassist Trent Jackson, hooked up with Manic Street Preachers producer Dave Eringa, and departed to the legendary Rockfield Studios to begin work on their new LP.

    “We pulled up at Rockfield Studios in Wales with only a handful of practices together and a bunch of songs that felt strong but were certainly rough around the edges,” Kiaran continues. “But once we started, I knew we were onto something special. Part of the magic of this record is that even though Brandon and I arrived to make our third album, Trent and Alex were making their debut record. Their passion was infectious, and we were getting the songs down at such a rapid pace. Everyone playing out of their skin!”.

    That infectious energy can be felt on ‘Games You Play’, even during the easy acoustic intro. Despite being almost completely drowned out in reverb, Kiaran still imbues a strong amount of personality and youthful wisdom into the track’s vocal lines. With dense arrangements featuring percussion, strings, and slide guitar swoops, the band risk drowning themselves out of their own song. Thankfully, they’re able to hit their marks and signal a solid return to form.

    Check out the video for ‘Games You Play’ down below. World I Understand is set for a January 21st release.

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