The Weather Station announce new album and share latest single
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  • Post published:26/01/2022
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The Weather Station announce new album and share latest single


    The Weather Station have announced that their new album is on the way, titled How Is It That I Should Look at the Stars, and they’ve launched it with a stunning little ditty, ‘Endless Time’, complete with a self-directed video.

    The force behind the band, Tamara Lindeman, has described the album as a companion record to last year’s Ignorance with ten tracks penned in the same vein and conceived during the same epic songwriting splurge. 

    As Lindeman explains: “When I wrote ‘Ignorance’, it was a time of intense creativity, and I wrote more songs than I ever had in my life. “The songs destined to be on the album were clear from the beginning, but as I continued down my writing path, songs kept appearing that had no place on the album I envisioned.”

    Continuing: “Songs that were simple, pure; almost naive. Songs that spoke to many of the same questions and realities as Ignorance, but in a more internal, thoughtful way. So I began to envision How Is It That I Should Look at the Stars, a quiet, strange album of ballads. I imagined it not as a follow-up to Ignorance, but rather as a companion piece; the moon to its sun.”

    Few press releases prove more promising considering that Ignorance comfortably made our 50 best records of 2021. What’s more the track ‘Parking Lot’ also made our 50 best songs to boot and ‘Endless Time’ seems to follow suit. 

    As we wrote at the time: “It might not knock your socks off and hurl them into next week, but as far as songwriting goes it is just about perfect and that is a word never used lightly.”

    Adding: “After you get beneath the peak Fleetwood Mac grooving melody, it is a credit to the wondrous song that it continues to reveal itself after the thousandth listen while still offering the same toe-tapping balm as the first time you were whisked into its effortless wonder.”

    If How Is It That I Should Look at the Stars can match that then we’ll certainly be here for it. The hotly anticipated record is due for release via Fat Possum on March 4th. 

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