The xx’s Romy teams up with Fred Again and HAAi for new single
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  • Post published:20/01/2022
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(Credit: Instagram)


The xx’s Romy teams up with Fred Again and HAAi for new single

    The xx’s Romy, producer Fred Again and HAAi have collaborated on a new single. The track will be called ‘Lights Out’.

    Fred Again outed the news on their Instagram, stating: “Me and HAAi and Romy have decided to do a random last minute pop up rave in London on the day our song ‘lights out’ comes out! WHICH IS THURSDAY! WHICH IS ONE DAY AWAY BASICALLY!”

    HAAi went one further on their Instagram: “Fred Again and I have decided to do a last min free rave in London on the day our track ‘Lights Out’ comes out, which is this FKN THURSDAY CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!????”.

    Romy joined the conversation, adding: “I am SO excited about it! We are doing a last min release party this Thursday in London, which is the day it comes out.” A link can be found in the bio, where prospective fans can sign up for the launch party.

    In an interview, Fred again gave an update into the workings of his brain as a creative thinker: “I think I’ve committed to a certain mental path that, even if I look back in five years and think that I’d have done something differently, I’m at peace with the fact that it was honest to that time. Everything I’ve made is true by the very nature of what happened.”

    The xx are also rumoured to be working together again for the first time in years, although Romy is also reportedly working on a solo album. “I got some messages and stuff from people saying: ‘What’s happened to The xx?’ And I just wanted to be clear with that and just say we love each other and we’re making more music together for sure,” Romy clarified.

    “But it’s nice to just encourage each other to do something different, and like I said, just learn and bring something new back. And also I like being able to just see Oliver and Jamie do something from afar and be inspired by that.”

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