Thomas Headon shares new song ‘Nobody Has to Know’
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  • Post published:15/09/2021
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(Credit: Thomas Headon)

Thomas Headon shares new song ‘Nobody Has to Know’

    Thomas Headon – ‘Nobody Has to Know’

    Australian-born London-based pop singer Thomas Headon has shared his second single of the year, ‘Nobody Has to Know’.

    Cheeky and indelibly catchy, ‘Nobody Has to Know’ is right within Headon’s wheelhouse of detailing the perils and predicaments of young love. Every successive line makes it crystal clear that Headon is fumbling his way through this relationship. The good news is that he’s clever enough to sing it all tongue-in-cheek. Even better, it comes in the form of easily digestible pop-rock that doesn’t easily grate or annoy.

    “I wrote ‘Nobody Has To Know’ in London when I was seeing someone, and we kept it cool with no emotional strings attached,” Headon explains. “I often find myself getting into those kinda situations and it gets really messy, but this one felt really fun and was exactly what the two of us wanted at the time.”

    “The song follows the innocence of that relationship, but I also wanted it to be a banging tune that was really fun to listen to and play live. It feels so good to finally have it out and moving in this direction, especially now that live shows are coming back and I have teased it to a point where everyone already knows the words.”

    The barely 21-year-old Headon doesn’t even have a full length LP to his name yet: a succession of singles are all we have to judge him by, a few of which were compiled onto The Goodbye EP last year. You could burn through his entire catalogue in just about half an hour and still have time to grab a snack or make some coffee.

    But it seems like Headon is ramping up to make a greater push for success. His other single this year, ‘Bored’, was a collaboration with fellow pop upstart Lizzy McAlpine, and hopefully, all the recent work means that a more substantial project is imminent. For the Rex Orange County/1975 crowd looking for a new name to drop into their playlists, Headon is definitely worth checking out.

    Watch the video for ‘Nobody Had to Know’ down below.


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