Tool announce short film and ‘Opiate’ single to celebrate 30th anniversary
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  • Post published:24/02/2022
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(Credit: Markus Felix)


Tool announce short film and ‘Opiate’ single to celebrate 30th anniversary

    American rock band Tool have announced their intentions of releasing ‘Opiate²’, a re-working of the tune heard on the Opiate EP. They have also announced a short film which will be released on Blu-ray in March. The projects coincide with the 30th anniversary of their 1992 EP, and the re-imagined tune will be longer than the original version. The extended rendition may form part of the band’s upcoming live show and stagecraft. 

    Visual artist Dominic Hailstone worked closely with the band on what has purportedly been their first video in 15 years. As part of the Blu-ray release, the collection will also include a ten-minute video which will cement the physical release.

    The physical edition will also host a 46-page art book with behind-the-scenes and making-of photos, as well as a collection of interviews that will formulate part of the book. 

    The band formed in 1990, creating a new form of rock for the decade ahead, and they have maintained the main core lineup since the mid-1990s. Adam Jones has been in the orbit since the beginning with bandmates Danny Carey and Maynard James Keenan, and Justin Chancellor replaced their original bassist Paul D’Amour in 1995. The band have toured and recorded consistently with the same lineup since. 

    Bassist Justin Chancellor recalled the enthusiasm Jones brought to the rehearsals, stating: “He’s very precious about the ideas we have and he’s always like, ‘Don’t forget about that, we’ll use it one day. You can’t be frivolous about them. You’ve got to respect the fact that they’re really worth something when you first come up with them and you think they’re good, so don’t throw them away.’ So we have this huge catalogue of stuff that we keep on the backburner.”

    In other Tool related news, the band have said that they are going to go out on tour. They are set to play around America for much of February. Coinciding with the impending tour, the outfit has released a 5-LP Ultra Deluxe signed vinyl version of Fear Inoculum. The current going price is reportedly is anything up to $810.


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