Trampolene’s Jack Jones on the ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign: “It’s always important to show unity”
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(Credit: Roger Sargent)

Trampolene’s Jack Jones on the ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign: “It’s always important to show unity”

    Earlier this year, the Music Venues Trust launched their #SaveOurVenues campaign and revealed the harrowing statistic that 556 venues find themselves at the risk of closure.

    In light of this, United Artists Collective has been formed and features Trampolene, The Lathums, Zuzu and Jamie Webster. 18 artists in total have come together to cover The Farm’s unifying anthem, ‘All Together Now’, with all proceeds going towards the #SaveOurVenues campaign and the Music Venues Trust.

    The project has been initiated and produced by a partnership of fashion brand and music event sponsors. Scott’s Menswear has come together with promoters This Feeling, label and management company, Modern Sky UK and Rich Turvey of Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, who took up duties behind the mixing desk. 

    “Without these independent venues, there is nowhere for artists to learn their craft,” Trampolene’s Jack Jones tells Far Out. “It’s hard enough to find new headline acts for festivals every year, and if we lose these venues, it will make things nigh on impossible. I would hope that as long as there are kids with dreams there will always be independent venues.”

    The hopeful cover has brought together artists from all around the United Kingdom who all cut their teeth playing these same venues that find themselves on the brink of closure.

    For Jones, it was a no-brainer to get involved, “It’s always important to show unity, especially when it’s for a good cause like this,” he states. “I think we all know a bit about each other and we all look out for each other, there’s a mutual respect and dream between all the artists involved on this record…keeps us all closer.”

    “We are all penniless together,” he adds. “It’s very rare that we all go through the same thing at the same time… that’s why I think it’s a good time to be in a band…we are about to witness the golden age of live music appreciation – and I am ready and receptive and grateful to be ready to play when the lights go out.”

    All profits from the digital downloads, streaming revenues and associated merchandise of the Artists United Collective will go directly to the Music Venues Trust. For more information on the #SaveOurVenues campaign, visit here. 

    Check out the heartening cover below.


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