Trunky Juno shares new song ‘Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes’
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Trunky Juno has released their first new music since last year’s Too Many Teeth EP with the song ‘Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes’.

The self-described “lo-fi pop noodler” has hit a mainstream wave with his new track, sounding not too unlike The 1975 or Tame Impala with a new veneer of mainstream pop production on top of his bedroom pop reputation. Gone are the vocals that sound like they were recorded in a bathroom, buried so deep in the mix that they practically float along with the synths. Gone is that faint sound of static that’s been so overused by artists like Lav and Powfu that it’s become a cliche (you can hear it in Juno’s own ‘Patrick Swayze’). If slicker and chicer is the name of the game, Trunky Juno is playing into it.

But if anyone is worried about another signature part of Juno’s aesthetic, rest easy: the obsession with dogs is still there.

Everything sounds bigger and brighter on ‘Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes.’ But that doesn’t mean the subject matter is lighter, as Juno explains: “Sometimes we all feel like going out to buy cigarettes and never coming home. Escaping reality by shaving your head and moving to a farm in the Outer Hebrides. Or maybe just turning your phone off for a few days.”

Also in the lyrical mix is a rebellion against the banality of falling into a rut of expectations and appearances. Is there a line more relatable than “Dreams are for weekends/that’s what my teachers said?” The topic of growing older every day without achieving your dreams is an evergreen topic, but Juno dresses it up in such sunny melodies that it would be easy to miss.

Trunky Juno currently has some tour dates lined up for the end of the year. You can check those out, along with a video for ‘Daddy’s Gone for Cigarettes’, down below.

Trunky Juno Tour Dates:

  • Nov. 11 – Glasgow, The Garage
  • Nov. 12 – Newcastle, Surf Cafe
  • Nov. 13 – Manchester, Castle Hotel
  • Nov. 17 – London, Old Blue Last
  • Nov. 18 – Brighton, The Latest Music Bar
  • Nov. 19 – Bristol, The Crofters Rights
  • Nov. 20 – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

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