Turnstile share new track ‘Alien Love Call’ with Blood Orange
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(Credit: Jose Rojas)

Turnstile share new track ‘Alien Love Call’ with Blood Orange

    Turnstile and Blood Orange – ‘Alien Love Call’
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    The dreamy ‘Alien Love Call’ by supposed hardcore outfit Turnstile and Blood Orange is unequivocally 2021’s most unexpected collaborations, but somewhat surprisingly, their styles mesh together seamlessly.

    It’s a change of tune for Turnstile, the group hop on board and let Blood Orange bring his luxurious, gold-plated, R&B rhythmics. The styles between the two never butt heads on the song, and the sleek production allows the American rockers to display their less seen tender side.

    Blood Orange and Turnstile you’d never expect to read in the same sentence or even appear on a festival line-up together, yet they’ve joined forces and produced one of the strongest collaborations of the year.

    Dev Hynes stays true to his Blood Orange persona and doesn’t return to his punk roots on ‘Alien Love Call’. He rose to prominence with Test Isicles in the mid-2000s and kept that side of him locked away. However, collaborating with a band like Turnstile shows that Hynes still appreciates the louder things in life.

    Hynes’ soft vocal delivery on the stylish ‘Alien Love Call’ contrasts delightfully with Brendan Yates’ agitated cries. The mellow track floats and meanders beautifully, with Blood Orange’s final spoken word verse serving as a pièce de résistance.

    On the aforementioned verse, he ponders: “Light inside of me, Hard enough to see, What else could it mean? Love is in the heart, It came like a dream, Loners out to roam, Sewn at the seam”.

    If you’re a fan of this collaboration, then you’re in luck because Turnstile’s upcoming third album, Glow On, features two other tracks with Blood Orange. The English funkster appears on ‘Lonely Dezires’ and provides backing vocals on ‘Endless’.


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