Watch Billie Eilish’s new video for ‘Happier Than Ever’
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  • Post published:04/08/2021
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Watch Billie Eilish’s new video for ‘Happier Than Ever’

    Billie Eilish has released a stunning video for the title track from her new album, ‘Happier Than Ever’.

    Thanks to the success of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, Eilish has become one of the most celebrated and generation-defining young artists in recent years. Despite being just 17 when she released that debut, she has already released an ambitious second album – produced, as always, by her brother Finneas.

    Being in the public eye from such an early age would make a lesser talent crumple like a piece of paper. However, Eilish’s new album reveals a development in her style and maturity in her songwriting. Her seamless blending of musicals styles, along with her ability to write lyrics which respond to her startling rise to fame with rawness and insight, all indicate that Eilish is an artist at the very peak of her game.

    In regards to writing the songs for her second album, Eilish said: “What’s funny is, for the making of the album, I felt no pressure. I wasn’t worried; I was super confident. I really felt that I did the best that I possibly could have done with a second album: I didn’t stay exactly doing the same thing, but I also didn’t change into something else, I grew. I thought that that was really good.”

    The self-directed video, with its ornate decor and mellow Meditteranean light, is the first of a two-part visual designed to accompany the release of the new album. The visual atmosphere Eilish has created perfectly captures her sun-drenched new song, which oozes with Bossa Nova guitar and the airiness of Eilish’s instantly recognisable vocal style. Despite everyone wanting to know if this song was written about a specific person, Eilish has been remarkably secretive, preferring to let people find their own meaning: “I mean, obviously it’s about somebody, but it’s also really about a feeling and kind of a realisation. I just mainly hope that people listen to this and go, ‘Oh, yeah — that’s what I’m trying to say’.”

    It begins with Eilish lolling on a couch in a hotel room straight from the golden age of Hollywood. She coils the cable of a telephone around her fingers as if waiting for an answer that will never come. She appears frustrated, bleak, and non-communicative. But as the song grows, and a distorted guitar riff amps up the tension, the room is flooded with a tide of water. Soon the hotel room is underwater and Eilish is on the roof, surrounded by the ocean, howling at the sky as the rain continues to fall. Around her, the music thrums and churns with energy, and it becomes clear that, whatever was holding Eilish down, has been washed away entirely.

    Watch the stunning video below.


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