Watch Glass Animals cover Lorde song ‘Solar Power’
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  • Post published:03/12/2021
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(Credit: Glass Animals)


Watch Glass Animals cover Lorde song ‘Solar Power’


    Glass Animals have truly spoiled fans with a three-song Live Lounge performance for Radio 1. The Oxford band covered electro-pop singer Lorde and her song ‘Solar Power’, along with their own chart-topping ‘Heat Waves’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’.  

    Recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Heat Waves’ blasted to the top of the charts and was the song that introduced many to the indie rock band. After initially climaxing at number 19 on the UK charts, the song was slingshot to the top in late 2021 following its success on TikTok. The track went viral after users began using it as part of the ‘all I think about is you’ trend which cleverly used the chorus to signify they were missing someone.

    The four-piece began their Live Lounge session with their Lorde cover supported with catchy claps and soulful vocals from a team of backup singers. Glass Animals re-energised the track from Lorde, turning the original acoustic tune into a catchier and hip-shaking version.  

    Fronted by Dave Bayley, Glass Animals went on to give a nostalgic and emotional performance of the song about heartbreak. Heat Waves started with the iconic drumbeat followed by the melancholy guitar riff that comes to complete the song. The song’s success has been accredited by its performance on TikTok, which now boasts nearly 900 million streams on Spotify. 

    “After 10 minutes of looking into space and plucking the guitar, I hit those eight chords, and I was like, ooh, that’s it,” Bayley told Billboard. “As soon as I heard [that], I started singing. Literally the first thing that came out was the hook,” he added.

    ‘Heat Waves’ gave the band their first number one single after topping Alternative Airplay charts after their previous attempt with ‘Your Love (Déjà vu)’ was unable to do so, reaching a peak of number seven. The chart-topping hit was also rereleased back in March which provided an extra verse from Iann Dior, a rapper from Puerto Rico. 

    ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’, which was their first release since their incredibly popular record Dreamland, concluded their Live Lounge set. The incredibly catchy song seemed to have the band grooving to their song throughout, playing the unforgettable bassline. It is certainly difficult to not nod heads and click fingers to this organ filled track that boasts melodies and lyrics that flow perfectly.  

    Watch the Radio 1 Live Lounge session below.  

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