Watch Interpol perform ‘Fables’ and ‘Into The Night’ for the first time
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Watch Interpol perform ‘Fables’ and ‘Into The Night’ for the first time

    Interpol aired some unreleased numbers to the world at large recently from their upcoming seventh album The Other Side Of Make Believe. The tunes in question, ‘Fables’ and ‘Into The Night’, were aired for the first time to the public, and will likely be performed in future Interpol concerts. The songs were heard at The Factory in Deep Ellum, Texas on Monday, April 25th.

    In addition to singles ‘Toni’ and ‘Something Changed’, the two unheard songs were issued to the general public, as if re-capturing the essence of the originals. Guitarist Daniel Kessler played electric piano, making it the first time he played piano on stage. The rest of the concert featured songs from their six studio albums, and 20 songs were performed in total.

    Interpol are an American outfit and have been on the touring circuit since the release of their 2002 debut Turn On The Bright Lights. The band has accrued an impressive six albums to date, and vocalist Paul Banks has doubled as guitarist and bassist since 2010, filling in for Carlos Dengler. The band has been set on the lineup of Banks, Kessler and Sam Fogarino since 2010, and it is unlikely that the band will bring in any new members.

    “I mean, a lot of fashion that I see and admire,” Banks recalled, “And whether or not it had any bearing on the band that we would witness these shifts — I would say absolutely not. Suits are, luckily, timeless. So I feel like that outfit would never really go out of date and it still fits who we are. We’re just going to do what we’re going to do. But I’m a lover of fashion, and I will often admire trends that are going on, while also not wanting to participate.”

    The band are set to release The Other Side Of Make Believe on July 15th, 2022, but for now, stream the performance below.

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