Watch Lana Del Rey perform  ‘Arcadia’ on ‘The Late Show’
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(Credit: Harmony Gerber)


Watch Lana Del Rey perform ‘Arcadia’ on ‘The Late Show’


    Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Lan Del Rey has given a performance of the song ‘Arcadia’ taken from her latest album, Blue Banisters. The singer appeared via a suitably monochrome video link, giving a rendition of the intimate lead single accompanied by a solo piano.

    Del Rey’s video performance on the mournful ballad is beautifully shot and sees the singer inside a low-lit studio decked-out with fairy lights, with soft fades and hazily-focused shots giving the rendition a quietly cinematic feel. You can check out the full video of Del Rey’s performance on The Late Show below.

    The performance follows the release of Lana Del Rey’s eighth studio album, which was released on Friday, October 22nd, marking her second LP release this year alone after she unveiled Chemtrails Over The Country Club back in March.

    Del Rey also shared the video for the album’s title track ‘Blue Banisters’ last week, in which she is seen painting the titular bannisters, baking birthday cakes, and chatting with her sisters as a storm gathers outside. Lana Del Rey has also shared an alternative video for the ‘Arcadia’ single.

    In addition to ‘Arcadia’, Blue Banisters will include previous singles ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Text Book’. Describing Del Rey’s recent album on release, Far Out said: “Del Rey’s writing is still as sharp as ever,” before noting that it is perhaps a little too similar to some of her previous releases.

    Nevertheless, as the review concludes: “for someone working at such a feverish pace, it’s telling that the quality of work hasn’t dipped. Perhaps with a longer production period, Del Rey’s next album will take on new sonic territories, and 2021 will be looked back on as her piano balladry years. Who knows, but it’s always worth noting that Lana Del Rey is still putting out good music, even if you pretty much know what’s coming.”

    See the performance, below.

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