Watch Lorde and Jack Antonoff perform ‘Solar Power’ on a rooftop
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  • Post published:03/08/2021
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(Credit: YouTube)

Watch Lorde and Jack Antonoff perform ‘Solar Power’ on a rooftop

    Lorde has released a video of herself performing ‘Solar Power’ on a stormy rooftop in New York. The video features Jack Antonoff, a long-time collaborator, on solo guitar.

    ‘Solar Power’ is the title track of Lorde’s third studio album, her first since 2017’s Melodrama. She is currently promoting the new album and even performed another rooftop rendition for The Late Show. This version, however, is absolutely irreplaceable.

    The video features a stripped-back rendition of what will surely become one of the songs of the summer. Jack Antonoff’s sparing guitar leaves enough room for Lorde’s power-house vocals to rise up against the wind and soar over the New York skyline. It’s great to see how much vitality Lorde brings to her performance.

    For an artist whose iconic moodiness has spawned countless imitators, it must be freeing to throw such a curveball our way. Throughout the video, Lorde has a wide smile on her face and seems completely at ease in her surroundings, despite nearly losing her dress to the wind. And even though the weather looks faintly apocalyptic, Lorde’s lyrics create an undeniable warmth.

    “Are we supposed to be up here with lighting?” Antanoff shouts, laughing and trying his best to hold on to his plectrum. In her newsletter, Lorde explained that she had been hoping to perform a small selection of songs from that New York rooftop but that the crew had been forced to pack up early due to fears of electrocution. Thankfully, another – less biblical – rendition can be found on Lorde’s Youtube channel. You can’t beat this one for atmosphere, though.

    Solar Power will be released on August 20th and features numerous collaborations with the likes of Pheobe Bridgers, who provides backing vocals for the title track. Lorde has also stated that she will be forgoing a physical CD release of the album, opting for the more environmentally friendly “Music Box”, a new type of collectable designed by Lorde herself.

    In a recent interview, she commented: “I’m a pop star, and I drive this massive machine that takes resources and spits out emissions — I’m under no illusion about that.”

    Watch Lorde’s performance of ‘Solar Power’ below.


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