Watch Tool jam ahead of their 2022 world tour
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  • Post published:12/01/2022
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(Credit: Tool)


Watch Tool jam ahead of their 2022 world tour

    Tool are back, and they’re bringing their focus to the live stages. Having absented themselves from the live circle for the best part of two years, Tool are clearly eager to jump back into the ring, and by the looks of the video below, they’re coming in swinging. 

    Guitarist Adam Jones streamed a video of the band rehearsing for their upcoming gigs. Flying through a setlist that included ‘The Patient’ and ‘The Pot’, the band offer listeners a taste of what to expect from their 2022 world tour. Instagram users will no doubt note that frontman Maynard James Keenan does not participate in the jam, but no word on his absence from the band as of yet.

    Tool have not performed a live gig since March 2020, primarily due to the Covid pandemic. As a result, Tool cancelled a projected North American tour, that was set to set to run from April 16th to June 23rd, 2020. 

    In an interview with Esquire, Keenan highlighted his need to be creative and original: “There’s a poison in purity with those kinds of things. I’m proud of what we did, but if I did it right, like if it was a bottle of wine, it was that year for that weather and that’s it. Don’t expect me to repeat that. I’m being true to that time. I shouldn’t be able to repeat that.”

    To ensure the safety of their backstage workers – not forgetting the myriad ticket-buying fans – Tool have decided to employ sniffer dogs to detect Covid. Rock acts like Eric Church, Metallica and The Black Keys have also agreed to implement these measures. 

    Bio-Detection K9 president Jerry Johnson informed Rolling Stone: “People say, ‘What’s that dog doing?’ It surprises them and they’re pessimistic, but if you understand the instincts of a dog’s behaviour, it makes a lot of sense. Dogs sniff each other to see if that other dog has a virus. We’re training them to look for something they’d be interested in anyway.”

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