Well Yeah release first song ‘Hello’
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  • Post published:06/04/2021
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Brand spanking new project Well Yeah has released their first song, ‘Hello’.

Headed by Los Bitchos guitarist Carolina Faruolo, Well Yeah is a somewhat mysterious entity at the moment, consisting of little more than a press release and some album art, but ‘Hello’ is interesting enough to inspire some curiosity and the project’s future output, especially considering Faruolo previous work.

Nestled somewhere between desert rock and raga, ‘Hello’ is an instrumental that aims to set the tone of the new project. Washes of reverb, call and response lines between guitars and keyboards, and no vocals? That would be wacky! Hey, Los Bitchos was an instrumental project too, so maybe singer-less bands are newly en vogue.

If you were familiar with Los Bitchos, Well Yeah doesn’t stray too far from that same sound, although it does sound slightly less concerned with the traditional rock band format and goes for more exotic elements and sounds, including a breakdown featuring tabla drums. However, the other percussion instruments and echo-laden guitars are retained from Faruolo’s previous project.

“It’s called ‘Hello’ cause it’s what you would say when you meet someone new (in this case a new band!) and it’s a solid snapshot of the band’s sound,” Faruolo said. “It’s a collection of bouncy guitar riffs layered up with latin percussion, preferably to listen with a cocktail in hand and warm weather (paddling pool optional).”

And so the press release decrees! It’s a beautiful day as I’m writing this, and I can confirm that the hazy atmosphere of the track is greatly improved by each degree in Celsius that is raised. Or maybe I’m just sun-deprived. Either way, I’m enjoying it as it loops in my head.

Check out ‘Hello’ down, below.

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