White Lies share new song ‘Am I Really Going to Die’
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White Lies share new song ‘Am I Really Going to Die’


    White Lies – ‘Am I Really Going to Die’

    London rockers White Lies have returned with their first single of 2022, the alternately spacey and funky ‘Am I Really Going to Die’.

    “‘Am I Really Going to Die’ is a song with familiar subject matter for White Lies but a new chapter musically,” bassist and lyricist Charles Cave explains. “It’s the first part of a two-song narrative about a self-important hot-shot given a terminal diagnosis, and the various stages of his coming to terms with it. ‘AIRGTD’ is loosely inspired by the great Danny Huston’s character in Ivans XTC, and musically by ‘Station to Station’ era Bowie.”

    That Bowie comparison is more than just apt: it’s a little bit eerie. That’s because vocalist Harry McVeigh is somehow able to channel both the detached headiness of the album’s title track and the irresistible funkiness of ‘Golden Years’. Behind him, the band hold back for the first minute as the stage is set before they blast off into a funk-rock anthem.

    I’m here for it all: the wild narrative concept, the towering synths, the dance floor rhythms, the awesome bass sound. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed the band’s previous single, ‘I Don’t Want to Go to Mars’, and now I’ve got two samples that have me salivating over the upcoming As I Try Not to Fall Apart.

    Through all three of their singles from the album, White Lies are obviously operating on a higher, more theatrical level than their post-punk peers. Instead of angular and purposefully off-putting, White Lies are embracing the big and catchy earworm side of their sound with increasing amounts of success. Post-punk doesn’t really do “anthemic”, which means that White Lies are either transcending the tired genre tag or revolutionising it as they continue to launch their space rock tour de force.

    Whatever the case may be, White Lies are just simply one of the most consistent and interesting bands working right now.

    Check out the video for ‘Am I Really Going to Die’ down below. As I Try Not to Fall Apart is set for a February 18th release.

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