Why IDLES’ Joe Talbot thought ‘Ultra Mono’ “translated badly”
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  • Post published:25/10/2021
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Credit: IDLES


Why IDLES’ Joe Talbot thought ‘Ultra Mono’ “translated badly”


    IDLES frontman Joe Talbot has shared his thoughts on why he believes that the band’s last release, Ultra Mono, didn’t translate as well to fans during the pandemic.

    The album was released back in 2020 and in an interview with Mojo Magazine, the rocker claimed that the cancellation of live music during this period heavily affected the reception of the release.

    The frontman explained: “I think that album translated badly as a home-listening device. The whole point of that record was to build a narrative with our audience.”

    Adding: “The album itself was a caricature of what people thought of us and we wanted to kind of twist that up and then burn that effigy so we would start Crawler.”

    The Bristol indie rockers announced the details for their fourth studio album, Crawler, back in September, and previewed the release with the intense and foreboding new track ‘The Beachland Ballroom’.

    Talbot has been keen to state that the album will be different from its predecessors, explaining: “We can’t make another Joy (As An Act of Resistance), we can’t make another Ultra Mono, we can’t just go back, because we’ve done it to death.”

    Adding: “We’ve done the biggest loudest most brash big rock album version of ourselves we can and we won’t go back there. We have to move forward.”

    Check out the video for ‘The Beachland Ballroom’ down below. Crawler is set for a November 12 release.

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