Why Mick Jagger is a “hero” to Ozzy Osbourne
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Why Mick Jagger is a “hero” to Ozzy Osbourne

    Mick Jagger is a hero for many reasons. Primarily as the swaggering frontman of rock’s favourite band of merry men, The Rolling Stones, Jagger has been a feature of music’s raucous iconography since the 1960s. Along with his fellow band members, including guitar-toting partner in crime, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger’s life is a colourful tapestry of tales.

    With a whole load of myth, tall tales and a sprinkling of truth, Jagger and his ilk exist in a world of their own making. Hedonistic, free-spirited and iconic, The Rolling Stones have a backstory so dense that there have been as many ups as there have been downs.

    But what has always endured is how affable to the public the cockney rock ‘n’ roller’s have remained. They have legions of fans from every age group, hailing from every corner of this insignificant sphere. One thing that has also endeared Jagger to fans is his sex appeal, something that shows no sign of abating at the ripe old age of 78. 

    In 2011, another rock god showed himself to be in awe of Jagger‘s playful allure. It may come as a surprise, but the ‘Prince of Darkness’, Ozzy Osbourne, is a massive fan of rock’s colourful Dionysus. In 2011, Osbourne revealed all to the Sunday Times

    Hilariously, Osbourne opined: “Mick Jagger doesn’t have great hair because he’s a hero in the sack, he’s a hero in the sack because he’s got great hair. Or so I’m told anyway.” The Black Sabbath frontman continued: “I’ve been blessed with very good hair genes, but I can’t say it ever did me a lot of good in the Romeo department, most girls take one look at me, scream, then run away.”

    That wasn’t all of the wisdom Osbourne had for us, though. He offered up a final hot take that we advise you should not heed. Drenched in his native Brummie wit he moved on to the topic of ending a romantic relationship: “A tweet isn’t a very considerate way to break someone’s heart. In these kinds of situations, the old-fashioned way is usually the best: send them a fax.”

    Who’d have thought that the crown prince of all things metal would be an admirer of Mick Jagger? The Rolling Stones frontman is one of the least stereotypically “metal” musicians out there. This shows the brilliance of his character, though. Through various different means, mainly the potent carnal energy he exudes, he has carved himself a throne as rock’s king of hedonism, amassing subjects including Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne is such a fan that he covered the Stones’ 1968 classic, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ back in 2005.

    Listen to Osbourne’s unhinged cover of ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, below.


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