Wolf Alice perform a wild version of ‘Smile’ on Radio 1
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  • Post published:01/06/2021
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(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)

Wolf Alice perform a wild version of ‘Smile’ on Radio 1

    England’s premier indie-rock act, Wolf Alice, tore apart the airwaves of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend when they performed their latest single ‘Smile’ from the highly anticipated upcoming album Blue Weekend.

    This performance allowed me to confirm a number of things I already knew: the first being that Wolf Alice is an incendiary live act that should be seen the very second we’re all let out of our lockdown cages. Secondly, ‘Smile’ is the hardest hitting track from Blue Weekend. Third, Theo Ellis’ bass lines could demolish buildings with unsound foundations. I’m a geek for killer rhythm sections, especially since they aren’t easy to come by in modern music. Between Ellis and drummer Joel Amey, Wolf Alice have one of the best backbones in rock, plain and simple.

    Something about this performance of ‘Smile’ hit me square between the eyes in a way that their performance of the same song on The Late Late Show with James Corden just didn’t. Maybe it was the improved live mixing, maybe the band was more in tune with each other and in a better groove, or maybe my lingering animosity towards Corden tainted my first viewing experience. Hey, he did a perfectly fine job during the Friends reunion, so my frosty feelings towards the goofy comedian might be thawing out.

    But enough about Corden. Do you know who loves Wolf Alice? We love Wolf Alice. We’ve covered ‘Smile’ before, and we’ve covered just about every new piece of news following the London alt-rock band in their promotional cycle for Blue Weekend. I’m worried that it’s bordering on over-saturation, but then again I still get excited each time I get the opportunity to cover them, so if I’m not burned out yet, I’m sure no one else is either.

    Check out the performance of ‘Smile’ down below. Blue Weekend will be released this Friday, June 4.


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