Wolf Alice share new video for ‘The Beach II’
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  • Post published:17/07/2021
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(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)

Wolf Alice share new video for ‘The Beach II’

    It has been a whole week since we’ve talked about Brighton alt-rockers and perennial Far Out featured artists (currently unofficial, but we’re working on it) Wolf Alice. We last checked in with their new video for ‘Feeling Myself’, in all its strange and hazy glory, but a palpable void started to slowly creep in afterwards. Minutes turned to hours, and then hours turned to days. How much longer were we to suffer without more Wolf Alice news?

    Thankfully, the existential crisis can be held off for another week, as the band have released their latest instalment in the Blue Weekend film project, ‘The Beach II’.

    The videos for Blue Weekend, directed by Jordan Hemmingway, have been a delightfully spacey amalgamation of late-night debauchery, dazed psychedelic imagery, and of course the band’s signature rock style. They’ve gone to sweaty bars, smoked cigarettes, gazed at neon lights, and now it’s all coming to an end.

    As the album’s final song, and the film’s final segment, ‘The Beach II’ brings the proceedings to an uplifting finale by simply focusing on the band taking a bus ride out of their long, strange trip. As the gentle chords of ‘The Beach II’ build to the song’s swirling climax, a montage of the various characters and activities throughout the film are shown. As the song crashes its final notes, singer Ellie Rowsell exits the bus, and we’re taken to the titular beach for two final shots: one of a cliffside and the other the close up of an eye.

    The Blue Weekend film has been fascinating to watch in bits and pieces as they’ve been released in music video format, but now that the narrative has been laid out and most of the puzzle pieces have been put together, it’s time to watch the full-length film in all its sprawling glory. Hopefully, the band will release the entire thing sooner rather than later, but if I have to go to a special screening in some indie cinema to watch the whole thing, then that’s just what I’m going to have to do.

    Check out the final chapter of the Blue Weekend film down below.


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