Yard Act share brand new single ‘Rich’
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  • Post published:10/01/2022
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Yard Act share brand new single ‘Rich’


    Yard Act – ‘Rich’

    One of Britain’s most exciting young groups, Yard Act, have returned with one final preview of their upcoming debut LP, The Overload, with the almost inhumanely tongue in cheek single ‘Rich’.

    “It’s a hypothetical song about me accidentally becoming rich, and contemplating what I might do with all the power it brings,” the band explain. “It’s basically saying, ‘c’mon let’s have some sympathy for all the millionaires out there, it’s tough for them too.’”

    Adding: “Obviously it ain’t really saying that, but as we all know, money doesn’t really bring you happiness, and even the rich have feelings to process and therapists to feed. Don’t get stuck on simple ideas… Also, I should make it completely clear here that I am in no way defending the rich. They deserve all the stick they get, the rich bastards.”

    Yeah, I think we could probably have picked up on that one, guys. The second money-related single in a row for the new band, ‘Rich’ seems to be pointing towards a trend. If this is what we can expect from The Overload as a whole – namely more snarky, silly, wonderfully snide observations on consumer culture and selfish hucksterism – then I’m completely in.

    Post-punk, as a genre, is somehow both reaching a new peak and in the total dregs. For every great new band like Dry Cleaning, there are five crap artists who think an appreciation for Mark E. Smith is all you need to start a band. What sets Yard Act apart is that they actually seem to be self-aware enough to bring a fair amount of fun into their songs, which in turn makes them far more fun to listen to.

    Check out the video for ‘Rich’ down below. The Overload is set to drop on January 21st.

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